Tesco is planning to fill 15,000 temporary roles to serve its customers during the busy Christmas holiday period. Moreover, the company has also announced that the temporary workers may apply for permanent roles upon the end of festive period.

Hiring staff to serve customers better

The holiday season is approaching and many retail store outlets are planning to induct temporary workers. Therefore, retail giant Tesco is will hire thousands of temporary workers to cater the demand during the festive season. Furthermore, Tesco will offer jobs in superstores and Extra stores for early morning, day or evening shifts. In addition, the seasonal workers may also have the opportunity to apply for permanent roles once the holiday season is over.

“We know times are tough out there at the moment, so this is a good opportunity for anyone looking to boost their income over the festive period or who needs to find a stepping stone back into the world of work. The kinds of people we are looking for are those who work well in teams, are flexible and also love helping others and are prepared to make a special effort to achieve that.” Tesco people director Rachel Bushby said in a statement.

Tesco raised the minimum wage again

Importantly, Tesco is also raising the minimum wage of the store workers for the second time during this year. The starting wage will now be £10.98 in London and £10.30 elsewhere in the country. Moreover, the new wage rate will be applicable from 13 November. Tesco has increased the minimum wage for store workers to remain competitive among the competitors. Aldi store staff receive a minimum of £10.50 an hour nationally and £11.95 within the M25. Similarly, Lidl offers the highest entry level wage to its store workers. Their employees earn £10.90 an hour nationally and £11.95 an hour within the M25.

Aldi and Lidl has also announced to hire temporary and permanent workers as they are also gearing up for the holiday season.

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