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Amazon Intend to Hire 125,000 Employees

Like many other firms across United States Amazon is also facing labor market constraints. The retail giant has now announced to fill in 125,000 roles across the country. The company announced that they will pay an average of $18 an hour and $22.50 per hour in some locations. Nature of Announced Jobs The 125,000 newly […]

How “Ghosting Coasting” is Troubling US Employers

US labor market is going through a crunch these days. Hiring and retention of employees is always a challenge for employers as the candidate pool is shrinking. Recently, a new trend has emerged where the new hires work at a place for a few days and then move to another workplace for better paid wages. […]

Key Points – September 2021 US Jobs Data

The US jobs data for September 2021 has been released. Nonfarm jobs are increased by 194,000 which are fewer as compared to jobs created in August Unemployment percentage is reduced to 4.8% Leisure and hospitality sector are leading the job creation 194,000 jobs were added during the month of September 2021 in contrast to the […]


Kaiser Permanente worker voted to authorize strikes

Kaiser Permanente workers in South California overwhelmingly voted to authorize the strikes. Over 21000 nurses, midwives, therapists etc. being represented by United Nurses Association/Union of Healthcare Professionals have authorized for strikes through voting which started on October 1, 2021. Kaiser Permanente is one of the largest healthcare providers in the country.  Kaiser proposed a two-tiered […]