Kara Connect, a health tech company has decided to initiate operations in Dublin in bid to explore new markets. Moreover, Kara Connect will create 100 new jobs in Ireland.

A health and well-being platform

Kara Connect is a health and well-being platform that connects employees with coaches, counsellors, and therapists. Furthermore, the company provides access to over 30 different services. Some of these services include career and life coaches, nutritionists, psychologists, speech therapists and financial counsellors. Despite giving control to the employers, Kara does not disclose any information regarding services that individuals have signed up for to ensure confidentially. Moreover, the users of the platform an option for both online and in-person sessions with accredited experts.

Exploring opportunities in UK and Europe

Kara Connect is a Scandinavia based firm and have a huge base of mainly Nordic clients. However, the company is now looking to establish their footprint in UK and Europe. Hence, they will use Ireland as a base to expand into the UK and then continental Europe. “Dublin is recognized around the world as a location for top talent and as a global tech hub, making it the ideal location for us to establish our European sales and marketing hub. Ireland will form our operational base to expand into the UK and beyond over the coming years.” Thorbjorg Helga Vigfusdottir, founder and CEO of Kara Connect said in his statement.

100 new jobs

Furthermore, the move to Ireland will bring plenty of exciting employment opportunities in Dublin. Initially, Kara is planning to onboard 100 new employees. They will offer new roles in range of areas including sales, marketing client service and finance. Moreover, the company has already started recruitment for these new roles in Dublin. “We wanted to build the company in a place where you have a big labor pool and can easily recruit multilingual staff. Obviously, I was keen for Dublin to win but the fact that it has this, and a thriving health tech cluster, meant that while we looked at a few other locations, there wasn’t really any doubt.” John McElligott, the head of Irish operations said in statement.

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