McKinsey and Company, a global management consultancy company has announced their plans to hire more than 700 new staff by 2025. Moreover, the company is aiming to maximize the amount of diversity in the expanded workforce within Atlanta. Furthermore, they have planned to create a hub specializing in technology and innovation.

Expanding footprints in Atlanta

McKinsey is operating in Atlanta for the last 44 years and has grown significantly here. Hence, they have decided to expand their footprints in the area. Therefore, the company is planning to increase their workforce from 800 to 1,500 by 2025. They will establish a new Technology and Innovation hub. Furthermore, the consulting firm will leverage latest technology and analytics to better serve their clients. “Two years ago, we made a commitment to expand and create a modern and diverse tech workforce. We knew this would mean hiring hundreds of new colleagues. As we looked at cities across the globe, Atlanta had a magical mix of both diversity and a large pool of tech talent from nearby universities, including four historically Black colleges and universities.” Steve Reis, a senior partner who led the Atlanta office for four years said in a statement.

Creating a mix of experienced and young workforce

McKinsey is serving clients across the globe. Similarly, Atlanta’s biggest businesses are also their potential clients. Moreover, the company is planning to hire some of the top-notch talent at the firm. McKinsey is seeking candidates skilled in computer science, math, engineering and artificial intelligence. In addition, they will also hire some fresh talent who have graduated recently. Hence, they are looking to create good mix of fresh and experience resources at the firm.

McKinsey’s announcement came at a time when employers are finding it tough to hire and retain workers. Job openings outpace jobseekers and many positions remain open. Moreover, many companies try to meet their hiring demand. However, McKinsey’s decision to grow in Atlanta has more to do with its diversity than macroeconomic trends.

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