Women in Technology (WIT), an Atlanta based nonprofit organization has launched the Single Mothers’ Program. The program aims to offer free tuition to single moms so they build their careers in cybersecurity.

Challenges for single mothers

WIT is now putting single mothers through the technology cybersecurity certificate program at Emory. In addition, it is an all-inclusive program and will cover all expenses ranging from tuition, food, commuting and childcare. According to data of U.S. Census Bureau, more than 3.5 million single mothers lost or left their jobs when the pandemic struck in 2020. Moreover, companies are now deploying new way of work where technology has a significant role and employees need to upskill themselves with the ever changing work demands. Cybersecurity is one of the most wanted work skill as employers are opting for hybrid work models. It is very difficult for single moms to equip themselves and develop their expertise in this field.

Dynamics of the training program

Women in Technology has come up with this initiative to encourage women to enter the cybersecurity field. They will select 20 women each semester and put them through the certificate program at Emory absolutely free. It will be an intensive and challenging 15-week training program. However, facilities like free transportation and childcare will provide the participants with a peace of mind. Hence, they are in a position to be more involved in the program and develop their skills in cybersecurity.

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    “Just in Georgia, there’s 20,000 jobs available at entry-level roles for cyber security. Our corporate partners that have hired these single moms they come back and say, ‘They’re the best workers they’ve ever had because they’re hungry, they’re dedicated, they want to prove something.” WIT President Penny Collins shared her views on the program.”

    Cybersecurity is one of fastest growing fields

    Cyber Security Educational Program for Single Mothers’ goal is to support single moms who are living in poverty. Moreover, their focus is to select women who are in college and working and have a basic understanding of technology. They will get education in Cyber Security and Information Security which is one of the fastest-growing fields in technology. There is an astounding workforce gap and shortage of talent amongst men and women.

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