Mumbai based firm Firstsource has planned to expand their recently opened office in Birmingham. Hence, the expansion decision by the firm will lead to creation of 200 new jobs in Birmingham.

Expansion of footprints in Birmingham

Firstsource is a process management firm which launched their operations in Birmingham last year. The company offers services such as back-office processes and platforms, automation and analytics solutions. Moreover, they offer their services to various sectors including banking and financial services, communications and telecom. The new Birmingham operation will provide services for two leading UK banks. In addition, Firstsource wants to expand their client base and explore new opportunities. Initially, they created 300 new jobs in the city. However, they are now planning to expand their workforce in Birmingham by another 200 till the end of this year. Furthermore, Firstsource is operating in United Kingdom since 2006 and is employing over 5,000 employees across the country.

“The West Midlands is the UK’s largest hub for regional, professional and financial services business – the unrivalled support for rapidly expanding businesses made the region and the city of Birmingham an obvious choice for our new operation. We are delighted with our partnerships with education and investment organizations in the region and look forward to further collaborations. The new training approach will help Firstsource access a wider talent pool and unlock tremendous potential to build digital customer experience hubs for our clients.” Rajiv Malhotra, the head of Europe business at Firstsource said in his statement.

Pilot training program

In addition, Firstsource is running a pilot training program for aspirants who are seeking work. Birmingham Metropolitan College and BCTG Group are responsible to conduct this three weeks training program. Moreover, pilot program aims to develop a pipeline of work-ready customer experience advisers. Firstsource is planning to use this program as a prototype and will roll out similar programs across their centers in UK. Furthermore, Business and Tourism Program (BATP) is also supporting this program. “By working together for these major cultural moments, we can highlight great examples of UK exporters and investors. There is huge potential across the West Midlands – for levelling up, new investments and to support our drive to net zero – and these Games are a chance to fly the flag for the region and the wider UK economy.” Andrew Griffith MP, the UK Minister for Exports expressed his views.

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