Berry Global Group is planning the closure of its Berry Superfos Thermoforming factory in Corby, UK. Moreover, the close down of Corby’s factory could affect the jobs of 95 employees at the factory.

Closure is termed as a strategic decision

Berry Global is a US based plastic packaging manufacturer having multiple manufacturing sites in United Kingdom. However, the packaging manufacturing company is planning to shut down its manufacturing facility on Corby. The factory in Corby manufactures food and medical packaging for various retailers. These retailers include some big names like Asda, Tesco and Aldi. According to BBC, the company’s decision to close the Corby’s factory is to align its operations with the company’s strategy. In addition, the company intends to use more of its capacity and serve its customers better. “Should this be the case, we will work diligently to help those employees affected with a job loss to identify new opportunities in the Corby community and at other Berry locations.” The BBC quoted the spokeswoman saying this.

95 jobs may get affected

Furthermore, Berry’s spokesperson stated the potential closure of the factory is likely to impact around 95 employees at the factory. However, Berry Global is in consultation with its workers at Berry Superfos Thermoforming in Corby. Moreover, the company has also pledged to help all the impacted employees. Berry Global is likely to announced the closure of the factory this month after completion of 45-days consultation period with the workers. “If the closure moves forward, approximately 95 employees will be impacted.” Berry’s spokesperson further stated in a statement. Moreover, the company plans to merge the operations into other Berry Global operations. Hence, there will be a probability of some job transfers.

Importantly, Berry group operates about 30 sites in total across the United Kingdom. Alongside the Corby’s plant, Berry operates other Superfos facilities in Blackburn and Oakham.

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