Barlto Packaging (BPS) has announced to expand its operations in Helena, Arkansas with an investment of $1.3 million. Moreover, the expansion plans will create approximately 50 new jobs.

New Facility

Barlto Packaging specializes in repackaging powders, liquids and granules into unit dose packages. The packaging company has recently acquired a 105,000-square-foot building which is adjacent to its existing facility. Moreover, Bartlo Packaging (BPS) is planning to shift its existing operations to Helena.

“BPS is very happy to announce a major expansion to our business and facilities in Phillips County. Begun as an outgrowth of Bartlo Packaging in order to be closer to our customers in the agricultural market, BPS has grown to equal the sales and capabilities of the original New Jersey company. I personally have always felt strong ties to Helena, enjoying seven years living on 10th Street. After 30 years, we have made the decision to go ‘all in’ and move the entirety of our operation to Phillips County. Thank you very much for being so welcoming.” Bartlo CEO Allen Bartlo said in a statement.

50 new jobs in Helena

Bartlo Packaging is operating since 1971 in United States. Moreover, the company has an existing headcount of 70 employees in Helena. Their customer base is expanding and demand for its services is on a high. Therefore, the company has decided to expand its operations to the central and southern regions of the country. Furthermore, the expansion is likely to create multiple employment opportunities. Initially, Barlto has announced to create 50 new positions during this transition period. Bartlo said that approximately 10 current employees have already expressed an interest in moving from New Jersey to the Helena area. Low housing cost and peaceful suburban environment is mainly the impetus behind their decision to move to Helena. However, the company will hire the remaining 40 people directly from the Helena area.

Gov. welcomed the investment

“This announcement by BPS, a company and employer already well liked and well known here for 30 years, will not only help fill the jobs lost at this same location four years ago, but makes a statement to everyone paying attention that Helena-West Helena and Arkansas are great places to locate and expand. I speak for the entire community when I express our excitement, as well as our gratitude, to Allen Bartlo, Governor Hutchinson, Partners Bank President Vance St. Columbia, and everyone who is helping make this work for our community.” Mayor Kevin Smith said in a statement welcoming BPS.

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