Aldi is planning to open a new store in Moston with an investment of £5 million. Moreover, the establishment of this new store could lead to an addition of 50 new jobs.

Part of 100 new stores plan

The discount supermarket chain aims to demolish the Imperial Lounge Indian restaurant on Victoria Avenue East. They will build a 20,000 square feet store at the very place. The opening of this store is part of Aldi’s plan to open 100 new stores in England by 2023. Therefore, the German company has already submitted a planning application to Manchester Council to build this new store. The planning application states The Imperial Lounge no longer represents a viable use for the building. Moreover, the owners of the owners are willing to relocate. They will open this new store between Pure Gym and North Manchester Rugby Club. In addition, the store will also include a parking space for 119 cars.

“The scheme will enhance consumer choice and will provide further competition within the area’s food retail sector, with it not currently served by a discount food store. Meeting day-to-day food retail needs on a localized basis will give rise to considerable benefits in terms of promoting social inclusion and facilitating sustainable travel patterns – with residents no longer needing to travel to Middleton, Failsworth or Manchester city center to visit an Aldi food store.” This was stated in the planning statement.

Employment opportunities

The new store will also bring prospective job opportunities. Initially, Aldi has estimated that the store will bring up to 50 new jobs in Moston area. “Added to this, it is important to acknowledge that the food store will contribute a range of good quality, flexible retail positions which are within walking distance from the surrounding residential area. A discount food store of the scale proposed would typically employ 40 to 50 members of staff.” Aldi said in a statement.

The German company is looking to complete construction within 18 months after getting planning permission.

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