Management at Manchester Airport have initiated a mass recruitment drive. Currently, Manchester Airport is witnessing chaos over half term as passengers are facing issues like long ques, delays and flights cancellation. Therefore, in an attempt to fix these issues they have launched a massive recruitment drive.

Salary cuts and lay-offs during COVID-19

The group owning Manchester, Stansted and East Midlands airports laid-off 900 employees during the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition, they also made a 10% cut in salaries of all the workers. Alongside, External agency staff also cut a further 1,500 jobs across the three airports. While all this was happening, it was revealed the CEO of the Manchester Airport Group, Charlie Cornish, took home a salary of £2.5 million last year. This was an increase of £500,000 from 2020. Therefore, Chris Woodroofe takes on the role as the new CEO.

Mass recruitment drive

The problems for the passengers are persisting and they are facing multiple issues at the Manchester Airport. Hence, the Manchester Airport’s management has decided to induct 500 new workers urgently to ensure smooth operations at the airport. They have advertised these positions and wants the selected candidates to start immediately. Subsequently, they are also offering £250 in cash to people who can offer referrals. The airport announced in April it had recruited around 200 new workers with another 250 people under security screening. Moreover, Manchester Airport Group said it had recruited 400 new staff since January. However, they are still short of hundreds of workers.

Lack of experience workers to cater demand

According to the Manchester Airport Group, demand for travel has been rapidly rising since the start of this year. The demand rose from 37% of pre-coronavirus demand in January, to 80% in April. The airport management have failed miserably to cater the excess demand. Moreover, there are few workers who have decided to quit their jobs amid chaotic operations at the Manchester Airport. “Experienced staff left during COVID-19. The new staff haven’t been in the job long enough to deal with problems.” Ray Ellis, a former baggage handler told The Sun.

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