Abbots Care has grown over 26 years to become one of the most highly-rated caregiver organisations in the United Kingdom; Currently recruiting worldwide 

Abbots Care started with just a family of a mother and her daughters with a fax machine and a mobile phone.

LONDON, ENGLAND — Twenty-six years ago, Camille Leavold, her mother, and her sister took a leap of faith to venture into the care provider business.

Leavold, in an interview with Click Jobs, recalled how the three of them started out as Abbots Care’s first employees, equipped with just a fax machine and a cell phone.

“It’s a family business,” Leavold said. “Me, my mum and my sister started it 26 years ago…

“We had no plan; we had no money. Back then, there were no computers — it was 1995, so we had a fax machine and a mobile phone, and that’s how we started.”


A mission for better caregiving services

Abbots Care is currently recruiting for a senior care worker and care assistant.

The three women were all working in healthcare to some extent at the time, with Leavold herself being a recruiter for a healthcare company, her mother being employed in nursing and her sister working in social care.

Leavold explained, “We were a bit disillusioned with the fact that we just didn’t really feel that people really cared for people; that organisations we were working for was much more about money and profit.

“Obviously money and profit is important to make sure an organisation can thrive and survive, but it can’t be a driver for a care provider…

“So, we thought we could do better.”


Twenty-six years of growth in care provider services

Now, Abbots Care is an award-winning care provider in the United Kingdom, with Leavold serving as its managing director.

Her sister bowed out about a decade ago to pursue a career in nursing, but her semi-retired mother is still helping out even at 70 years old.

Abbots Care has since grown to have over 500 employees.

Abbots Care now employs some 500 workers, and is looking to add more as it recruits worldwide for a senior care worker and care assistant.

The organisation’s caregivers work in split-up shifts in between the hours of 7 a.m. and up to 10 p.m., essentially “looking after people all day and all night”.

“By doing it just in hourly visits,” Leavold explained, “it manages to support people who haven’t got maybe higher needs that might need to go into a care home, but they can remain living in their own homes without having to go into a care home or a nursing home.

She added, “So, we’re doing alright. We’re 26 years old. It worked.”

Learn more about Abbots Care via its website.

To view the available job openings, visit and, or visit the company’s website.

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