Texas added 30,100 non-farm jobs during March 2022. Texas Workforce Commission reported this in their latest labor report. Moreover, Texas unemployment rate fell to 4.4% in March which is 2% lower than the expected rate one year ago.

The Texas state reported employment gain for the fifth consecutive month as non-farm jobs reached 13,207,600 in March 2022. “We’ve added 152,200 positions so far in 2022, which is more jobs over the first three months than any previous year dating back to 1990. The prosperous economic climate in Texas expands opportunities for all who call Texas home.” TWC Chairman Bryan Daniel said in a press release.

Employment across various sectors

According to the report of Texas Workforce Commission, financial activities gained 7,800 jobs over the month of March 2022. Manufacturing added 5,600 positions, oil and gas industry added 4,700 jobs and construction added 4,400 positions. Moreover, Education and Health Services employment grew by 5,500 jobs during last month. “Texas has had a sluggish recovery in the goods sectors, so it’s encouraging to see energy, manufacturing and construction all with robust job growth,” Pia Orrenius, senior economist at the Dallas Fed termed the March employment numbers as “good”.

Leisure & hospitality employment is on road to recovery

Like most of the U.S. states, Texas leisure & hospitality sector was adversely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. The sector is undergoing slow recovery in terms of employment. In March, leisure & hospitality sector created 3,200 new jobs in Texas which is relatively slow compared to other sectors. However, the sector is showing signs of recovery and improvement.

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    Unemployment rate stands at 4.4%

    In March, the seasonally adjusted Texas unemployment rate was 4.4 percent. It is 0.3 points less from that of February unemployment rate. “Our state’s unemployment rate continues to fall, which is a direct indication that Texans are taking advantage of the numerous career opportunities created by our Texas employers. Texas employers, large and small, continue to show their strength, innovation and vitality by adding jobs to our world-class Lone Star State labor market.” TWC Commissioner Representing Employers Aaron Demerson said in his statement.

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