Arizona based energy company has announced to build a new plant in Mason County. Frontieras North America is planning to produce a cleaner form of coal. Moreover, the company is expecting to create up to 500 new jobs at their new plant.

Frontieras North America is a subsidiary of Frontier Applied Sciences. Now, they are opening their first commercial site.  The company expects that they will process more than 2.7 million tons of coal annually. According to the company’s press release, they are planning to complete construction and make the plant operational by the end of 2023. However, the company has not disclosed the location of its new plant yet. “We are excited to bring Frontieras to the forefront of the energy market and engage with the great people of Mason County. Frontieras’ selection of its West Virginia site allows us to receive and ship products across the globe.”  Matthew McKean, the CEO and Co-Founder of Frontieras said in his statement.

Why Mason County?

The company chose Mason County because of its access to raw materials, its local workforce and its access to Class 1 freight rail. Moreover, roads and imports and exports of feedstock and FASForm products from the Ohio River is also what make Mason County lucrative for the company. The energy company also considered Texas and Wyoming before settling for West Virginia. Gov. Jim Justice also welcomed Frontieras decision. “I could not be more excited to welcome Frontieras North America to West Virginia. I thank them for selecting Mason County as the home of their new plant. Our goal is for West Virginia to be the energy powerhouse of the world and we just keep growing in this vital industry that is both important to our economy.” he said in a statement welcoming the Frontieras announcement.

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    500 new jobs at new plant

    The establishment of new facility will also bring plenty of new job opportunities to Mason County. Frontieras first commercial plant is likely to create up to 500 new job roles. Moreover, the employment opportunities will also help West Virginia’s economy. Recently, Nucor, a steel mill also announced that they are planning to relocate to Mason County. Moreover, Nucor will add roughly 1,000 jobs in the county. “We could never thank Frontieras North America enough for choosing West Virginia. This is absolutely great stuff. Another 500 jobs will be pouring into Mason County and the multiplier effects of those jobs will be off the charts”. Gov. Jim Justice added to his statement.

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