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Texas workers are quitting jobs in numbers and the job quitting ratio of Texans is higher than any other state. 439,000 Texas workers quit their jobs in September 2021 alone.

September Data is Shocking

Texas is becoming the quitter capital of United States. This is not an accolade for the State but the numbers and data released by Labor of Statistics in presenting this gloomy picture. It took some time to consolidate the final data by the bureau. Significantly, 439,000 workers gave notice at job during September which means that 14,633 workers are leaving their jobs on average per day. Job quitters were just behind 443,000 California workers. However, in revised figures, Texas actually has become Quitter Capital in September. The Texas quitters have racked up to 444,000 as compared to 400,000 Californian job quitters.

Surveys Insights

Employers are already facing the challenge of staff shortage. It is getting difficult for the US employers to retain and attract workforce. They will not like to read the survey conducted by PricewaterhouseCoopers. The survey says that 65% of the employees are looking for new jobs. This is a huge percentage and it depicts that 2 out of every 3 workers working for you are looking to switch their job.

Another firm named Robert Half are also tracking this number. Their data show that 41% percent of employees are looking for other job opportunities. This figure is comparatively lower but is still a shocking number for the employers. Texas also led the country for the largest drop in job openings, going from 887,000 in August to 807,000 in September. A lot of people complain those quitters just want to take advantage of unemployment. However, in Texas you cannot claim unemployment if you voluntarily decide to leave your job.

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    Where are the Workers?

    Experts says that some workers managed to take care of their households with lesser resources and they are contended with it. Therefore, they are willing to continue with this pattern and are not willing to get back to work. Others decided to stay home with their kids. Some have quit jobs and have started new businesses. There are cases where workers who have quit and decided to retire early.

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