Nearly one in every five workers are looking to switch their jobs within the next 12 months in United Kingdom. PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) research revealed this in a survey report.

Young workers are more willing to switch

Accounting giant PwC claimed that the employees have more leverage over the employers. Moreover, the employees have started to assert their power. Employers are facing the challenge to recruit workers and fill the vacant positions. The survey further stated that the gap among employee and manager expectations is the reason which makes the employees to switch their jobs. Moreover, the younger employees appeared to be more dissatisfied with their jobs. Hence, the are eyeing for a better employment opportunity. Some 60% young participants said they would prefer to work fully or mostly from home.

“The economic outlook may be uncertain but highly skilled workers are in hot demand and employers can’t be complacent. Employees will vote with their feet if their expectations on company culture, reward, flexibility and learning are not being largely met.” PwC boss Kevin Ellis said in a statement.

Key points of the survey

The survey included more than 2,000 UK workers. PwC found that 18% are ‘likely’ or ‘extremely likely’ to change jobs within the next 12 months. Whereas, 32% are ‘moderately’ or ‘slightly likely’ to switch their jobs during the next year. Moreover, higher salary was the main motivator for switching jobs. 72% workers stated higher salary as the main reason for switching. Rising inflation in UK is the common explanation for this trend among the employees. In addition, 68% referred to ‘a more fulfilling job’ as the reason to switch.

Impact of “Great Resignation”

Furthermore, the survey stated that many employees changed or left their jobs during pandemic. The era is termed as the “The Great Resignation”. According to PwC, this trend of leaving and switching employer is not slowing down. Between January and March there were more job vacancies than unemployed people in the UK. This happened for the first time as per the records of Office of National Statistics.

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