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The State of Michigan has more than 500 open positions which they are looking to fill. It is more than an year since the state lifted the hiring freeze.

Worker Shortage Challenge

The labor shortage crisis is continuing in United States. The struggle is making it tough for states, businesses and organizations to hire and retain workers. On Friday, the number of open positions in Michigan State were 572. “It’s pretty typical for us right now in a such a large organization we’re typically hiring for a lot of positions,” Mike DeRose, the human resources director for the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services said in his statement. Of those, more than 200 positions ate open at MDHHS and more than 100 with the state department of corrections.

Situation at MDHHS and Department of Corrections

Departments of Corrections and MDHHS are witnessing high turnover like many other employers in United States. The situation in Department of Natural Resources is also pretty similar. Currently, they have 80 open positions and are finding it difficult to fill those positions. The increasing number of COVID-19 cases is elevating the crisis. “I think the state is probably having a hard time finding workers just like everyone else is, probably for the same reasons. Of course, the spike in COVID cases is keeping people at home,” said Flint economics professor Chris Douglas.

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    High Turnover

    It comes as no surprise to Douglas that the departments seeing the highest turnover in the state are the Department of Corrections and also MDHHS. He stated that working in these department is high risk. In Department of Corrections, employees have to work in prisons which are hotspots for contracting COVID infection. A large number of people are confined in limited spaces. Hence, workers are prone to getting infected. Similarly, healthcare workers are facing extra risk because of COVID. Therefore, the state is finding it tough to hire people.

    Another reason is burnout at work and hospital are facing the challenge of workers strikes. Many nurses and healthcare workers are on strikes across United States. They are demanding better working conditions and higher wages.

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