The New York City has passed a legislation directing roughly 4 million private employers to publish the salary range on all posted jobs. Moreover,  The salary range listing is necessary on all job advertisements, promotions and transfer opportunities.

Law will bring salary transparency

The law regarding posting salary ranges for published job is finally in effect. Furthermore, NYC has joined Colorado, Washington State and Rhode Island who have already implemented similar legislations for the employers. The experts suggested that the imposition of this law will bring transparency on part of the employers. The law is applicable from November 1. Moreover, the ranges must state the maximum and minimum wage rate. In addition, the employers are expected to comply with the law in later and spirit. The law states that “employers advertising jobs in New York City must include a good faith salary range for every job, promotion, and transfer opportunity advertised.”

Compliance in good faith is expected

Moreover, the New York City Commission on Human Rights has also introduced a definition for good faith. A “good faith” range is one the employer “honestly believes at the time they are listing the job advertisement that they are willing to pay the successful applicant(s).” In addition to their job portal, the employers will also have to list the salary ranges on external job boards like LinkedIn, Glassdoor, Indeed and other job search platforms. Similarly, the law also applies on job posts advertised via flyers and newspaper classified. The salary listing requirement is only applicable on base salary (annual or hourly). However, it is not applicable on benefits including health insurance, time off, severance pay, overtime pay, commissions, tips, bonuses, stock, 401(k) matching or other types of compensation.

Applicability of the law

The law’s applicability depends on the workforce size of the employer. It applies to entities having four or more employees where at least one person is working in New York City. In addition, it workforce size include the resources working remotely as well.  However, the employer does not have to comply with the law if it is hiring for any work outside the state’s jurisdiction.

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