New York State is offering more than 15,000 summer jobs to its residents. Therefore, if you are a teenager and is looking for a job, there are ample jobs opportunities available.

Employer are hiring in large numbers

A large number of employment opportunities are available to the New York residents in several industries. “Employers are hiring in record numbers and there are so many great opportunities available to New Yorkers looking to gain valuable experience and make some extra money over the summer. “With such an active job market, there is a wide variety of options to explore across the state. I encourage all job seekers to use the many resources the New York State Department of Labor offers to guide them to a job they love.” Governor Hochul said in a statement.

Jobs guides for candidate’s ease

Moreover, the New York State Department have prepared guides for young potential workers looking for jobs. These guides are available online and will be helpful for the aspirants. Thus, they will have the required information on what they need before filling the application form. In addition, the guides are broken down by ages 14-17 and 18-24. Furthermore, these guides will encompass important information such as getting working papers, proper identification, resume preparation, and much more. Jobs seekers will get these guide free of cost. Moreover, this job portal will allow businesses to list their openings. Similarly, job seekers can browse part-time and seasonal jobs by location, company, job title and search by keyword.

“In this tight job market, we’re looking to make it as easy as possible for businesses with full-time, part-time or seasonal openings to connect with New Yorkers looking for work. We have a multitude of free consultation services and solutions available, so I encourage any business with hiring needs to get in touch with us.” Roberta Reardon, Department of Labor Commissioner said in a statement.

Viable opportunity for unemployed residents

Unemployed New Yorkers are encouraged to utilize of the State’s Career Services resource page for job search. Importantly, they will have access to view more than 250,000 job postings from all regions in the state and across all industries within New York.

Browse for job opportunities in New York

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