Moy Park, a poultry producer is proposing to shut down their processing facility in Ashbourne, Derbyshire. Moreover, the closure of this plant will lead to a potential loss of more than 900 jobs in Northern Ireland.

Decrease in company’s revenue

Moy Park is one of the largest poultry producers having its employees in Northern Ireland, England, France and the Netherlands. Significantly, the poultry giant is employing around 10,000 people across these locations. However, the company has witnessed significant decrease in their revenue in recent times. The company reported a profit of £30m in August compared to a profit of £76m in 2020. Therefore, Moy Park is planning to shift production to chicken plants in Ballymena, Northern Ireland, and Anwick in Lincolnshire. The company have assessed that these plants have the capacity to handle extra work. However, Mouy Park has decided to close its operation at their processing facility at Ashbourne. “Moy Park’s Ballymena and Anwick sites have been identified as having capacity to absorb additional production and grow in the future.” The company said in their statement.

More than 900 jobs will be affected

Mou Park’s Ahsbourne processing site is employing 860 permanent workers. Unfortunately, the closure of the plant and relocation of processes to other location may cause these workers to lose their jobs. Overall, there could be a potential job loss of 935 staff if we include hatchery workers, temporary positions and drivers. Furthermore, the company has started consultation with the staff at Ashbourne. Although the company says it will continue to support the workers. “Whilst this is difficult news for all the affected employees, this has no reflection on their dedication or commitment to the business. We will be working closely to provide support to employees at the site and in our supply chain impacted by this proposed change.” A spokeswoman for the firm said in her statement.

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