Geodis has planned to hire 5,000 seasonal workers for the peak sales season this year. Moreover, the company has announced that they will hire these seasonal works across its 20 locations in United States and Canada.

Temporary workers will cater surplus demand

The peak holiday season is fast approaching logistics and ecommerce companies are busy in formulating strategies to hire seasonal employees. Similarly, transport and logistics provider Geodis is also among the list of employers actively seeking to hire seasonal workers. Moreover, the logistics giant is forecasting that they will need this additional workforce to handle the surplus consumer demand during the peak season. “With the economic conditions consumers and our clients are facing, it is now more critical than ever that businesses have a trusted third-party logistics partner with the expertise and team to navigate the unexpected. At Geodis, we are positioning ourselves to successfully steer through all of today’s supply chain dynamics for our customers.” Geodis Americas Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Anthony Jordan said in his statement.

Geodis will hire both full-time and part-time workers

Geodis has an active workforce of 13,000 workers across the North America. However, the company is planning to bulk up their warehousing and distribution center capabilities during the holiday season. Therefore, they will hire 5,000 temporary workers to cater the demand during the holiday season. Furthermore, Geodis will hire material handlers and equipment operators for both part-time and full-time work.

Potential challenges during upcoming peak shopping season

On the other hand, the announcement came when economists are struggling to forecast shopping patterns for the upcoming holiday season. They are finding it hard to predict the buying patterns of the consumers in a post-pandemic era. Moreover, crunch economic situation is also a factor which may alter the consumer behavior. Similarly, rising inflation in United States may rein the shopping level during the peak holiday season. However, many companies including UPS have announced to hire seasonal workers for the coming holiday season.

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