Gentex, a manufacturer of high tech electronics has decided to invest $300 million to expand in Zeeland. The manufacturing firm will get support from Michigan Strategic Fund. Moreover, the expansion in Zeeland is likely to create 500 good-paying jobs for Michigan residents.

Expansion plans

Gentex is a high-tech supplier for the global automotive, aerospace and commercial fire protection industries. The company in planning to invest up to $300 to increase its glass processing operations. In addition, they also intend to produce more auto-dimming mirrors, displays and devices for aircraft and vehicles. Furthermore, Gentex is also planning to scale up their production of new technology used in vehicle sensor products, wearable technology, medical lighting and fire protection products. For the purpose, the firm is establishing a new 250,000-square-foot high-tech manufacturing facility. Moreover, Gentex has plans to add 60,000 square feet to its current manufacturing facility in Zeeland. The construction of the new facility has already started and is likely to complete by the end of 2023.

Employment opportunities

Gentex is a global manufacturer and is employing more than 5,000 people in Michigan. The expansion project by Gentex will bring plenty of new employment opportunities for Michigan’s residents. Initially, it will bring at least 500 new well paid jobs over the next three years.

“Gentex’s $300 million investment creating 500 good-paying jobs will grow Michigan’s economy and help us continue leading the future of mobility and electrification. We can attract bold investments from cutting-edge firms like Gentex because of our bipartisan collaboration on economic development legislation last year, which has already led to billions of dollars in investment in Michigan and thousands of jobs. Gentex is a longstanding Michigan company, and we are grateful to them for expanding their presence in Michigan. Let’s keep working together to grow our economy, build on our rich automotive legacy, and create good-paying, high-skill jobs for Michiganders.” Governor Whitmer said in his statement welcoming the latest investment.

$5.5 million MEDC’s grant

Michigan Economic Development Corp.’s Strategic Fund Board approved a $5.5 million business development grant for Gentex. In addition, they also approved $1.89 million Jobs Ready Michigan grant and a tax break that would last as long as 15 years. This adds up to a total of $3.8 million for the project. “The success of this new facility could lead to even further manufacturing growth and opportunities throughout Michigan.” MEDC’s CEO Quentin Messer Jr. said during a media briefing.

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