FLO, a Canadian based EV charging company is planning to build their first EV charger manufacturing plant in U.S. They have chosen Auburn Hills, Michigan for the new manufacturing facility. Recently, Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer has confirmed that FLO will invest $3 million for the project. Moreover, the new manufacturing facility will create 133 new jobs in 2023.

Michigan is becoming a hub of EV sector

Michigan has attracted multiple investments in EV related sectors. FLO offers smart home charging solutions for both single-family houses and multi-unit residential buildings. In addition, they also provide access to a huge number of charging stations across the country. Initially, the company plans to manufacture 250,000 EV chargers by 2028 for the U.S. market. “We are proud to welcome FLO to Michigan and serve as the home for their very first manufacturing facility in the United States. As we look toward growing our economy, investing in our workforce, and creating good-paying jobs, we know the importance of leading the transition to electric vehicles.” Governor Whitmer welcomed the investment from FLO.

Employment opportunities

Moreover, the presence of FLO in Auburn Hills is likely to bring multiple employment related opportunities in the area. Initially, Gov. Whitmer announced that the charger manufacturing company will bring 133 new full-time jobs in Auburn Hills by 2023. In addition, Auburn Hills facility is expected to create a total of 730 direct, indirect and induced jobs by 2028. “The opening of this U.S. facility marks a new chapter in FLO’s efforts to support EV adoption across North America. Our team brings over a decade of experience at all levels in the EV charging industry to the U.S. market. From manufacturing and installation to charger maintenance – we are a part of the charging process every step of the way.” Louis Tremblay, FLO president and CEO said in a statement.

Michigan’s initiatives for job growth

Michigan State has launched numerous initiatives to advance Michigan’s EV infrastructure. Hence, they are attracting huge investments from companies like FLO. Michigan Revolution for the Electrification of Vehicles (MiREV) is working directly with employers to ensure Michigan has the programs and resources to fill both current and future talent gaps. FLO will receive an $800,000 Michigan Business Development Program (MBDP) grant for the project.

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