Walmart has decided to open four new fulfillment centers to increase their existing capacity. This will enable next and two-day shipping option for more Americans. Moreover, the move will also add more than 4,000 new jobs. The company is expecting to open the fulfillment centers in next three years.

Increased delivery network

Walmart Inc. is struggling to hire and retain workers as U.S. market is going through turbulent times. Therefore, the addition of these new fulfillment centers will help in expanding the company’s delivery network. In addition, it will make workers’ jobs easier. The company will open these new high tech fulfillment centers in Illinois, Indiana, Texas and Pennsylvania. Moreover, the addition of these fulfillment centers means that delivery could reach 95% of the population. The fulfillment centers will combine people, robotics and machine learning to increase the speed of order fulfillment. The company said in their press release.

4,000 new jobs

The addition of these four high tech fulfillment centers will also lead to creation of multiple employment opportunities. The new fulfillment centers will employ around 1,000 workers each. The company is piloting a 12 month graduating program to jumpstart workers careers. Moreover, the retail giant is expecting more than 1,200 new store, club and supply chain managers to participate in this program. The top performers may get an opportunity to work in a management role. The starting wages for these positions starts from $65,000. The average hourly wage for workers at its U.S. stores, clubs and supply chain is $17. Previously, it stood at $16.40.

“Our goal is to turn even more jobs into careers by strengthening a ladder of opportunity for our associates,” Chief Executive Doug McMillon told the annual general meeting.

High demand for online shopping

The demand for online shopping has increased rapidly over the last couple of years. The COVID-19 pandemic had a significant impact on this increased demand. Consumers were more inclined to shop online during pandemic due to lockdowns and restrictions. However, the trend of online shopping in continuing despite ease in Coronavirus restriction. Moreover, Walmart is also trying to keep pace with rival like Amazon and other retailers.

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