Walmart is ramping up wages of the truck drivers. The retailer giant is seeking to fill vacant positions of drivers. Currently, there is a nationwide shortage of truck drivers.

Shortage of truck drivers nationwide

Walmart has a message for truckers: Keep on trucking, do it for Walmart and potentially earn more money. There is a shortage of long-haul truck drivers as many workers across the United States have changed their jobs and switched to different professions. Therefore, Walmart the nation’s largest private employer will now pay its truckers more than what they are currently paying. Moreover, they have also launched a training program for the employees of their distribution and fulfillment center. The completion of training program will enable the drivers to become certified Walmart truck driver.

New salary between $95,000 to $110,000

Walmart announced their decision on Thursday as U.S. is facing  a shortage of truckers after the pandemic. The American Trucking Associations, a large industry trade group, estimates that the nation is short about 80,000 drivers. The pay raise for its 12,000 truck drivers will make the new salary for the drivers between $95,000 and $110,000. Previously, the truckers used to earn an average of $87,500 during the first year of their career at Walmart. Hence, the current increase in wages is at least 26% higher than the previous median salary of the drivers. According to a Walmart statement, the veteran drivers of Walmart Private Fleet can earn even higher wages.

Walmart is paying higher than median

Walmart is boosting efforts to attract and retain truckers as employers across the country struggle to keep 18-wheelers rolling. Currently, Walmart is employing around 12,000 truck drivers. Moreover, they had plans to hire 7,000 new truck drivers over the last two years. The pay hike pushes Walmart truck drivers further ahead of typical U.S. levels. According to U.S. Labor Department, heavy and truck drivers were earning a median salary of $47,130 in 2020. “Walmart is one of the best places to drive, and Walmart benefits are among the best in the industry.” This was published in a company’s blogpost.

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