A planned 24-hour strike by more than 1,000 London bus drivers was suspended last week. However, the bus drivers have voted for strike on Monday 28 March, 2022 The strike is suspended amid a new pay offer. Bus operator Arriva offered offered improved pay offered to the drivers but it is rejected by the drivers as they voted for the strilke.

Arriva offered new pay

Over a 1,000 bus drivers who are members of Unite were due to stage a 24-hours protest on March 21, 2022. The planned bus strike would have severely disrupted the bus operations. Arriva initiated last minute negotiations and came up with a new pay offer. Therefore, the stoppage was suspended in order to allow the workers to ballot over the the new offer. However, United reiterated that bus driver posted at depots across South London have the option to reject the new offer. According to Unite, Arriva initially offered drivers a “pathetic” 1.5% pay increase. The union said that this raise was insufficient to cater the rising inflationary pressure and cost of living. Moreover, Arriva welcomed the suspension of planned strike and has termed it as a good news for its customer. The smooth running of bus operations will support Arriva’s goal of “finding the way forward”.

Drivers voted for strike

Drivers have voted to strike on the back of a “pathetic” pay offer by Arriva. Therefore, the commuters of London are likely to face disruption on March 28, 2022.  If there is no breakthrough in the dispute it is understood that further strike dates will be announced. Drivers working for Arriva said they would strike on Monday and Tuesday unless they were paid more amid the rising cost of living in the UK. Arriva had agreed to pay drivers 1.5% more. However, the Unite union members said that this increase if insignificant as inflation climbs to 8.2%’.

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    Routes in Croydon, Norwood and Thornton Heath will be most severely affected. Moreover, the full list of each route is not confirmed yet.

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