Two 24-hours tube strikes will take place for two days next week. An attempt to resolve the dispute over workers demand through negotiations broke down. Workers are protesting against the probable cuts planned by Transport for London.

Expected disruptions in services

Some 10,000 London Underground workers who are union members will walk out at 00:01 GMT on 1 and 3 March. Members of the Rail, Maritime and Transport (RMT) union are in a dispute over the threat to jobs, pensions and conditions. The walk out for two days will like cause severe disruption of tube services across all the subway lines. Moreover, there is a possibility of no services at London underground at all.

TfL is planning cuts

Transport for London (TfL) is planning to cut up to 600 station posts. Therefore, workers are also concerned over pay, pension and working conditions. TfL says that there will be no job losses as result of this change. They termed the action as “extremely disappointing” as they feel that their decision of cutting down station posts will not impact the exiting employees by any means. The government also agreed to continue its bailout for TfL three days ago. Moreover, TfL worked-out a deal to secure a long-term funding from the government.

Union’s stance

The unions have a different take on the issue. Rail, Maritime, and Transport (RMT) union said that it set out a framework that may have enabled the union’s executive to consider a suspension of the action. However, the London Underground management intervened and blocked a route to progress. ‎RMT claimed that London Underground confirmed their worst fears that all options are under consideration in terms of the threat to jobs, pensions, conditions and safety. “Our members will be taking strike action next week because a financial crisis at London Underground Limited has been deliberately engineered by the government to drive a cuts’ agenda which would savage jobs, services, safety and threaten their working conditions and‎ pensions. The sheer scale of that threat was confirmed in talks yesterday.” RMT general secretary Mick Lynch said in his statement.

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    Andy Lord, TfL’s chief operating officer, warned of potential disruption to passengers. The planned strike is likely to severely impact services particularly during morning rush hour. However, Lynch said the union is still open for talks to resolve the dispute.

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