UK government has imposed a tight control on transport budget which is causing an increase in number of wage disputes. Therefore, the highway workers have declared strike action during the Christmas period. Moreover, the strike action means that the highway workers are joining rail and underground networks in conducting strikes during same time.

Highway and rail workers to go on strike simultaneously

In wake of tight control on transport budget, the highway workers plan a series of 12 one-day walkouts from mid-December to early January. The PCS union will be part of a series of strikes starting from December 16. Simultaneously, the railway workers will also be on strike in December and will continue in January as well. Furthermore, the National Highway workers announced that they will conduct targeted strikes in areas which have significant impact on operations.

Public and Commercial Services (PCS) union stance

“We know our members’ action could inconvenience travelers who plan to visit their relatives over the festive period, but our members have been placed in this situation by a government that won’t listen to its own workforce. With the serious cost-of-living crisis they deserve to be paid properly for the important work they do, keeping our roads running safe and free. The government is in the driving seat here – it’s in a position to stop these strikes by putting money on the table.” PCS general secretary, Mark Serwotka said in a statement.

Multiple strikes during Christmas time

These strikes may risk bringing as the country to a halt if it coincides with strikes of railway workers. The railway workers are also demanding better wages. According to PCS, the first wave of walkouts includes driving examiners and rural payment officers at more than 250 venues. Shockingly, there are multiple workers strikes going on across the county over pay increase. It seems that the incomes are eroding amid decades high inflation and surging prices. In addition, ambulance workers and security staff for high-speed continental train operator Eurostar have also announced to go on strike.

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