Walmart Global Tech, the technology organization within the retail giant is planning to hire 5,000 tech professionals. They will look to hire people in in cybersecurity, software engineering, data science, and other fields.

Company’s massive growth

Recently, the tech company has expressed their commitment of hiring 5,000 positions globally during this year. They will hire people within their 17 technology hubs including two new tech hubs in Atlanta and Toronto. Currently, Walmart Global tech is employing 20,000 workers. “Walmart Global Tech grew annually by 26% last year. That compares to the industry growth rate in the US of 2.2%. The good news is that the good talent is actually choosing us as you can see through those numbers.” Sravana Kumar Karnati, senior vice president and CTO at Walmart International said in her statement.

Significance of Atlanta City

Atlanta has become the latest target for Walmart in their ambitions to expand its Global Tech enterprise. Moreover, they have also announced to open a tech hub in Atlanta City. They have also unveiled a few details regarding the location and the number of jobs at the new facility. The tech company have distributed the hiring in multi-phase process. They will offer 140 full-time jobs during the first phase. The first phase will see hiring in cybersecurity, software development and data science, among other fields. Walmart chose Atlanta due to its growing tech presence and diverse talent base.

Scope of tech jobs

Walmart’s decision came amid a continuing strong hiring environment for technology pros. Significantly, tech companies added 5,300 workers in February in multiple areas. These areas include IT services, custom software development, computer, and electronic products manufacturing. Moreover, job postings for new IT hiring reached nearly 388,000. This number is 50,000 higher compared to previous month.

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    Walmart is not the only company which is intensely focusing on hiring tech workers. Amazon has also announced its plans to hire 550 tech workers at their Phoenix tech hub. In addition, they also intend to hire another 200 workers at their Austin tech hub.

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