There is a significant increase in employment across the United States in recent months. Georgia is no difference. Importantly, rising inflation and surge in Omicron cases has not affected economic growth in Georgia. The state employers added 24,700 new jobs during February 2022. The Department of Labor reported these figures recently.

230,000 new job listings

The pool of unemployed people seeking is at its lowest for more than two decades. Georgia was able to demonstrate job growth for 22 consecutive months. Currently, the state’s job portal site is listing more than 230,000 job openings. “This state has continued to be successful in creating jobs and getting Georgians employed in these positions,” Labor Commissioner expressed his views in a statement.

Reduction in unemployment rate

Georgia’s unemployment rate also remained stable during February. Unemployment rate stood at 3.2% which was same in January 2022 as well. This also marked an all-time low unemployment rate. There were few sectors which were badly affected by COVID-19. For example, Transportation and Warehousing, Administrative and Support Services, Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services, and Retail Trade. All these sectors were able to gain jobs growth of 10,00 or more in comparison to Feb 2020.

Fewer jobless claims

Moreover, only 4,100 people filed first-time jobs claims during last week. This is quite similar to pre-COVID levels. However, it is much lower than early days of pandemic. Filings last March averaged 23,436 per week. Lower number of jobless claims shows that employers are reluctant to fire their workers. Significantly, many businesses are having trouble finding people to hire. To cater the challenge, some companies are attracting applicants by abandoning the idea of the 9 a.m.-5 p.m.

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    In February, Georgia had about 58,000 more jobs than in the same month two years ago. Georgia reported a whooping loss of 610,000 jobs during the first two months of pandemic The labor force covers all eligible workers. They include those who are unemployed but looking for work. Moreover, it also covers employed individuals.

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