Amazon announced this week that they will create more than 4,000 new permanent jobs across the United Kingdom during this year. Hence, the announcement has defied the wave of hiring freeze and job cuts within the tech industry.

£1bn investment across UK

Amazon has become one of the largest private employer across the UK. But, the ecommerce giant was unable to create many new jobs during the past couple of years. However, the company has now come up with expansion plans amid decrease in its overall revenue. Moreover, Amazon claims that it has invested £1bn across the UK. They are planning to become one of the 10 largest private employers in the country. “We’re continuing to invest in talent right across the UK. “People join us not just for the wide variety of roles, great pay and benefits, but for the career development opportunities we provide.” John Boumphrey, Amazon’s U.K. country manager said in a press release.

Hiring spree at Amazon

The latest hiring drive is part of company’s plans to bring their workforce in Britain over 75,000. In addition, the ecommerce firm managed to add 40,000 new workers over the last three years. The company has planned to hire across various regions of UK. These include Wakefield and Knowsley in northern England. Amazon is opening two new Amazon fulfilment centers in these regions. Furthermore, they will offer job roles in several functions including software development, product management, and engineering.

Companies witnessed a boom in their sales volume during the coronavirus when people had to stay at home. However, their revenues have subsidized in recent time. Surprisingly, Amazon is on a hiring spree when several tech companies have initiated job cuts. The sector is reckoning with a reversal in fortunes lately amid rising inflation and higher interest rates.

Workplace and safety concerns

On the other hand, Amazon is facing criticism over its treatment of workers. Employees have come up with complaints regarding poor working conditions. Moreover, there are complaints regarding workplace safety at different company sites. However, Amazon claims that they are committed to improve the situation.

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