GSK has opened up a new aseptic smart manufacturing facility at this Bernard Castle site. Moreover, the company has continued development at its Bernard Castle site in UK. The location of the site is in Durham County in the northeast of England.

£90 million investment

GSK has cut ribbon at the new manufacturing facility known as Q Block. It is a  digital facility that uses digital technology and automation to make the manufacturing operations more efficient. The construction on this site started in 2018. Moreover, the manufacturing facility will constitute on an area of 11,500 square meter. The estimated costs of the new building were £90 million, or around $110 million. The facility will manufacture existing and new biopharmaceutical assets in GSK’s portfolio. However, the company has not published any details regarding the volume of production at the Bernard site. “The Q Block facility puts GSK and Barnard Castle at the forefront of medicines manufacture. I am sure that the site will play such an important role in supporting the delivery of our innovative pipeline.” Site director Elizabeth Rowbotham said in a statement.

Employment opportunities

Barnard Castle is one of GSK’s largest manufacturing sites in the United Kingdom. Furthermore, it is employing more than 1,000 people. Moreover, they are supplying half a million packs of products per day to 140 markets. However, the company has not shared any details regarding the new jobs which they are planning to offer at the new Q Block facility. “I am delighted to join our teams in officially opening our smart manufacturing facility at our Barnard Castle site. This is a highly advanced technical achievement and by successfully applying digital technology we will be able to launch more transformational medicines at speed for patients, by developing a right first time capability, whilst also reducing waste.” President of GSK global supply chain, Regis Simard said in his statement.

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