ONS jobs in the UK on the rise

Job vacancies increase; public sector employment increases but mostly driven by NHS hires

LONDON, ENGLAND — The number of available jobs in the UK actually increased over the past three months, according to the latest data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS).

In its June 2022 bulletin detailing employment statistics in the country, recently just this week, the ONS found that there hasn’t been much improvement in the UK’s labour market since its last bulletin was released in May.

Just last month, the ONS revealed shocking statistics that “for the first time, the number of vacancies was larger than the number of people unemployed”.

The latest data, according to the ONS, shows an overall employment figure of 75.6 percent and an unemployment figure of 3.8 percent.


Job vacancies on the rise

ONS jobs in the UK on the rise

The latest data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) shows there has been a slight increase in the number of job vacancies in the UK over the past three months.

The number of available jobs in the UK is also trending higher, according to the ONS, seeming to indicate a lack of progression in the labour market.

Although public sector employment increased by 21,000 in the most recent survey period, more than half of that number was attributed to National Health Service (NHS) hires at 13,000.

This reflects a staggeringly low number of jobs being filled despite the modest increase in availability.

Companies were already struggling to stay competitive to attract and retain top talent in this climate of the “Great Resignation”.

Now, with the ONS data showing more and more jobs becoming available without a corresponding increase in hires, it suggests companies may have to compete even more if they want to stay on top.


‘Mixed picture’ of UK employment

ONS jobs in the UK

The Office for National Statistics (ONS).

ONS Head of Economic Statistics Sam Beckett commented on the employment figures in the latest data.

He indicated that while there has been evidence of more jobs in the UK being filled in recent times, the overall UK job market is still faring worse than before the COVID-19 pandemic began.

“Today’s figures continue to show a mixed picture for the labour market,” said Beckett.

“While the number of people in employment is up again in the three months to April, the figure remains below pre-pandemic levels.

“Moreover, although the number of people neither in work nor looking for a job has fallen slightly in the latest period, that remains well up [from] where it was before COVID-19 struck.

“At the same time, unemployment is close to a 50-year low point and there was a record low number of redundancies.

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