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Thousands of workers across the United Kingdom are now working for only four days in a week. Moreover, the employees are getting the same income despite having an additional day of personal time.

70 companies are part of experiment

UK is conducting one of the largest experiment of four-day work week. Initially, 70 companies and over 3,300 employees in UK are part of this new work-life balance shift. Moreover, this pilot program of four-day work week will continue for the next six months. Nonprofit 4 Day Week Global is spearheading this initiative in collaboration with researchers from Cambridge University, Oxford University and Boston College. The researchers will examine and investigate the impact of four-day work week on workers. Moreover, the report by job site CV-Library found that adverts for four-day week positions rose by around 90%. Mostly, these jobs pertain to sales, charities, distribution and catering sectors.

“We’ll be analyzing how employees respond to having an extra day off, in terms of stress and burnout, job and life satisfaction, health, sleep, energy use, travel, and many other aspects of life.” Juliet Schor, the project’s lead researcher said in her statement.

Employees will get 100% pay

Firms from a variety of industries taking part in the four-day week trial started last week. These include banking, hospitality, care, and even animation studios. In addition, the companies will pay 100% pay to their workers. However, the workers must exhibit maximum productivity and efficiency at work. “We are seeing a huge increase in the number of four-day week jobs being posted. A year ago, these types of jobs were negligible. Time will tell if this draws in job seekers, and we’ll be keeping a close eye on application numbers.” Lee Biggins, chief executive at CV-Library commented on the new way of work.

Demand for flexibility at work

The challenges of remote work are getting harder and harder to ignore. Moreover, employees and managers are facing the effects of indefinite separation from work. Hence, a growing number of firms want to put an end to the work-from-home revolution. However, the workers have gotten used to flexibility at work and they employers have to cater their demands.

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