Systems Group has announced that they will invest $3.5 million to expand their operation in El Dorado. In addition, the expansion will create 60 jobs.

Meeting the demand of U.S. Steel in Arkansas

Systems Group purchased 47-acre land to expand their operations so they can produce more patented Spray-Cooled equipment. The equipment is used for the prevention of electric arc furnaces from melting while producing new liquid steel. Moreover, U.S. Steel is building a $3 billion steel mill in northeast Arkansas. Therefore, the expansion by System’s Group will help in accommodating the extra work they get from U.S. Steel.

“We are very excited to bring more jobs to South Arkansas. Most of our competitors build their equipment overseas and import it. We are proud to make our Spray-Cooled™ equipment right here in the USA and we proudly put ‘Made in the USA’ in big letters on our equipment and our customers love it. We are committed to growing in El Dorado.” Charles Hays Jr., CEO of Systems explained the reason for choosing El Dorado for expansion.

Employment Opportunities

Currently, The Systems Group’s facility in El Dorado is employing 80 people to help produce its patented “Spray-Cooled” equipment “. Their expansion plans in El Dorado will bring plenty of new jobs. Initially, the facility will bring around 60 new jobs. Moreover, there will be more opportunities for local residents to find jobs close to home.

The Arkansas Economic Development Corporation

The Arkansas Economic Development Corporation (ADEC) has approved Systems’ expansion to participate in the Advantage Arkansas program. Governor Asa Hutchinson welcome the investment from Systems Group. “The Systems Group continues to build on the momentum in the steel industry as more and more manufacturing jobs are returning to the country. We are excited that The Systems Group decided to expand their operations here in El Dorado and that they have found the people and business climate here that will enable them to meet the growing demands of their clients. Because of the confidence they have in our South Arkansas workforce, 60 employees will have jobs that will improve their financial bottom lines and quality of life.” Gov. Asa said in his statement.

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    System Group started it operations 50 years ago. They are operating six divisions with operations in 15 states to work with all aspects of the steel industry. Moreover, the company also has operations in Texas, Mississippi, Louisiana, Georgia, and New Jersey.

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