Sila, a battery material company has purchased a 600,000 square feet facility in Moses Lake, Washington. The company will manufacture lithium-ion anode battery materials for the automotive and cell phone industries. Moreover, Sila is confident that the new facility will bring hundreds of new jobs to the central Washington town.

Initially, Sila is making an  investment to deliver silicon-based anode production. The anode will be sufficient to power batteries to power batteries in 100,000 to 500,000 electric vehicles. In addition, the anode will be able to power 500 million mobile phones annually. “Sila is delivering proven next-generation anode materials today. Our new Washington state plant builds on that momentum offering the manufacturing capacity to meet the needs of our auto partners on their way to a fully electric future,” Sila Co-founder and CEO Gene Berdichevsky said in a statement.

Employment opportunities

The demand for electric cars is one a rise globally. All the big automobile companies are investing in setting battery plants. Hence, this investment in electric vehicle segments is creating plenty of new jobs opportunities across the United States. Sila is also following the footsteps of the some of the major players in the market. Currently, they are planning to build lithium-ion anode which is a significant component of battery production. According to the company, the new production facility will also create a number of new jobs opportunities in Washington. However, the company has not provided any information regarding the exact number of jobs the new plant will offer. Moreover, they have also not stated anything regarding the nature of jobs.

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    Washington’s governor welcomed the investment

    Production lines at the facility will start-up in the second half of 2024, and reach full production in the first half of 2025. The Moses Lake site has the potential for exponential growth that could power two million to 10 million electric vehicles per year. The company said in a statement. “Our energy independence and economic prosperity are tied to our ability to develop and manufacture new clean energy technologies here on American soil. I’m proud that Washington state has been a leader on this issue and even prouder that innovative companies like Sila come here to advance these clean energy solutions.” Washington Gov. Jay Inslee said in statement.

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