Hyundai Motor Group announced that the company will locate its New Horizons Studio (NHS) headquarters in Bozeman. Hence, the company will invest $20 million for their new NHS headquarters. In addition, the new research center will add 50 new jobs during next five years in Gallatin County. The Bozeman location is the third New Horizon Studio the company has opened across the country. Moreover, they have a main office in Silicon Valley and another research and development office in Boston.

Collaboration with Montana State University

The New Horizons Studio will be located at Montana State University at their innovation campus. Moreover, the facility will comprise at 12,000 to 15,000 square foot approximately. “The mission of New Horizon Studio is to develop a new type of vehicle for future customers who want or need to travel over terrains that are challenging or difficult for conventional vehicles. What makes it new is a combination of robotics and car design, and this results in vehicles of unprecedented mobility.” John Suh, head of New Horizons Studio and vice president for Hyundai Motor Group said in a statement.

Job Opportunities

The investment from Hyundai will bring plenty of job opportunities. Initially, the new center will create 50 new jobs. Moreover, its close proximity with the Montana State University will allow Hyundai to work closely with undergraduate and graduate students. In addition, Hyundai will also collaborate with researchers, and professors on campus.

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    “Montana State University is pleased to welcome Hyundai to Bozeman. As the state’s largest research university, we see many opportunities in the future for collaboration between Hyundai and our students, faculty and graduates in an enormous range of fields from engineering, to laser optics, to computing and artificial intelligence. Hence, this is a very exciting day for us all,” Jason Carter, MSU vice president of research, economic development and graduate education said in a statement.

    Montana is termed as hub for high-tech companies

    Gov. Gianforte joined John Robb, CEO of Hyundai America Technical Center, Inc., and Dr. John Suh, head of New Horizons Studio and vice president of Hyundai Motor Group will be at the ground breaking ceremony next month. Furthermore, Dr. John Suh, head of New Horizons Studio expressed his view in a statement. “Montana is quickly becoming a hub for high-tech companies. Entrepreneurs with a growing talent pool of skilled labor in the field of engineering, research and natural science.”

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