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Partnership between Dorset Council and Pluss to also encourage employers to hire more disabled workers, be more cognizant of their needs 

LONDON, ENGLAND — A new partnership between the government’s Dorset Council and Pluss, a national disability employment specialist organisation, will help some 50 disabled workers gain and retain employment.

The partnership encompasses an inclusive agenda to encourage employers to hire more disabled workers, while also directly assisting individuals with disabilities in creating resumes, applying for jobs, and building independence, among other beneficial skills.

Pluss Operations Manager Neil Cattle said, “We are absolutely delighted to be working with Dorset Council to help more people into employment.

The partnership between Dorset Council and Pluss will also encourage employers to hire more disabled workers and be more sensitive to their needs.

“We firmly believe, with the right support, there is a job out there for everyone.

“We are looking forward to working with communities and employers alike, both of whom will benefit greatly from the wealth of skills and talents so many people with a disability bring to the workforce every day.”

According to a statement by Dorset Council, “People with a learning or physical disability, autism, or mental health needs will receive bespoke support to search for, secure, and retain employment.

“The assistance ranges from CV creation and work experience to practical help like navigating public transport.”

The statement added, “The aim is to help 50 people through the partnership. The employment specialists will also make connections with employers to raise the agenda of hiring people with disabilities and championing the skills and benefits this will bring to their workplace.”

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    Empowering disabled workers

    Click Jobs CEO Joseph Boll lauded the initiative for its much-needed assistance given the employment and wage disparities disabled workers often face.

    Joseph Boll, Click Jobs CEO.

    He acknowledged researched undertaken by the Trade Union Congress that showed the disability employment gap was almost double that of non-disabled workers in 2020/21, and the pay gap was also £1.90 lower for disabled workers than non-disabled workers.

    “This partnership between Dorset Council and Pluss is to be commended,” Boll said.

    “It’s important that organisations are mindful of marginalised groups whose needs may be overlooked or taken for granted in the hiring process and day-to-day employment demands.”

    Councillor Peter Wharf, whose portfolio includes Social Care and Health, likewise outlined the positive impact the partnership will have.

    He noted, “This contract will see people grow and become the best they can be and encourage businesses to get involved by assisting with easy-to-read documents, for example, which can be a barrier for some people before they even start.

    “This contract with employability specialists Pluss will empower people to change their lives.”

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