AdditonaPeople with disability are facing significant challenges in finding good employment opportunities. Therefore, New Jersey state is preparing to implement more robust strategies to hire workers with disabilities. This is in compliance with the new law to help disabled persons to find work. Gov. Phil Murphy has already signed the new law last week.

“State As A Model Employer of People With Disabilities” Program

The new law directs the state’s Division of Equal Employment Opportunity to develop a program to increase awareness of state employment opportunities for disabled people. The new program is called the “State As A Model Employer of People With Disabilities” program, or SAME. In 2020, the unemployment rate for persons with disabilities was 13.3%. This was almost double the unemployment rate for those without disabilities. Hence, these new laws seek to break down the barriers causing this employment disparity for disabled. This will empower residents with disabilities to pursue their career ambitions.

According to new law, The SAME program will need to find ways to remove barriers to the application. Moreover, program will also devise mechanism to improve hiring process and retention strategy for disabled workers. Javier Robles, chair of the New Jersey Disabilities COVID-19 Action Committee supported the new law.  “I think the fact that these lawmakers got together in the Assembly and Senate and actually decided to do something about an issue that is constantly.” Robles said in his statement.

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    Experts are Appreciating the New Law

    Robles said people with disabilities have long faced employment and other challenges. These problems multiplied during COVID-19 pandemic. Hence, the purpose of these plans is to provide level the playing field for job seekers with physical or mental disabilities. Moreover, it will enable them to secure better job positions and excel in their professional careers.

    The first law will establish a fast-track hiring and advancement opportunity program. This will help qualified persons with significant disabilities participate in the competitive hiring and promotion process within the State workforce. Additionally, the second law will develop a “State as a Model Employer of People with Disabilities” (SAME) program. The purpose of this program is to raise awareness for employment opportunities.

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