Ford Motor Company has announced to increase its electric vehicle (EV) production to 600,000 cars by 2023. They will spend $11.4 billion to build three battery plants and one electric pickup truck assembly plant. Additionally, these facilities will create 11,000 new jobs.

Ford is showing commitment towards electric cars and trucks and are investing multi billion dollars for the purpose. Therefore, this investment will enable them to build more than one million electric vehicles in a year. They plants will be operational by 2023.

Battery and Truck Plants

Ford announced its plan to develop two battery plant in Kentucky and a battery plant and electric pickup truck assembly plant in Tennessee. The Tennessee complex will be named as BlueOval City. It will be located at a six square mile site which Tennessee State had built in hope of attracting such investment. “Like the iconic Rouge complex in Michigan did a century earlier, BlueOval City will usher in a new era for American manufacturing,” Ford said in a news release announcing the project.

Efforts to Combat Climate Change

This move by Ford is in line with the global efforts to combat climate change. Hence, Ford have decided to move to electric vehicles and phase out gasoline powered cars and trucks. Cars and trucks are responsible of 30 percent of U.S. greenhouse gas emissions. President Biden is also pressing United States congress and other countries to minimize their reliance on fossil fuel and move towards electric vehicles. General Motors and Ford Motor Company are competing to catch up with Tesla which is the largest seller of electric vehicles. Tesla is on track to sell 800,000  electric cars this year.

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    Employment Opportunities at New Facilities

    Ford’s latest investment is expected to create more than 11,000 jobs over the next four years. The Tennessee facility will create more than 6,000 jobs. The two plants in Kentucky will be in Glendale and shall create 5,000 new jobs. Fords Motor Company is already employing 13,000 people at their truck and S.U.V. plants in Louisville.

    “We have enormous demand for our electric vehicles now, and this is going to help us accelerate,” Ford’s chief executive, Jim Farley, said in an interview.

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