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Ordering online groceries has become a norm during pandemic days. More and more people prefer using online services for ordering groceries. Companies like Shipt and Instacart are offering the services of online grocery. These services are invaluable for the people who want to stay out of stores. This trend of online shopping has increased the demand of online shopper jobs.

Shipt is a membership-based marketplace. It was founded in 2014 and has gained popularity during Covid-19 pandemic as people look for convenient ways of shopping. It helps people in getting things they need including fresh products and household essentials from their preferred stores. Shipt is offering shopper jobs in Allendale, Michigan. Shipt shopper jobs are getting popular in Michigan.

A Shipt shopper will:

  • Use app to accept orders in their area
  • Shop and deliver specified orders to member homes
  • Ensure best customer experience as part of “Bring the magic” initiative

Why Work for Shipt

  • Earn up to $22 per hour
  • Work full-time, part-time or any time in between
  • Same day delivery benefits
  • $200 bonus for completing 20 orders within 20 day of your hire

Job Specifications

  • Must be 18 years or above
  • Have access to reliable transportation (car year of 1997 or newer) and car insurance coverage.
  • Must have a current U.S. driver’s license.
  • Have knowledge about handpicking fresh produce.
  • Provide your own insulated cooler bag. Be able to lift 25+ pounds.
  • Be familiar with using an Android or iPhone.

Shipt has a pool of gig workers who they call shoppers. There were more than 300,000 Shipt shoppers till the end of last year. Additionally,  in September 2021 Shipt has also signed a deal with VISA which has made Shipt more accessible to the consumers. Visa consumer cardmembers now can access free Shipt memberships and will get free deliveries on orders over $35. In another initiative to serve customers, Shipt is offering same day delivery at more than 1000 additional neighborhood retail shops. This expansion has added more than 2 million households as their potential customers.

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    The number of Shipt shoppers are increasing. More people are enrolling as shoppers due to flexibility of work and potential additional income. Hence, Shipt’s sales have increase by 86% in first quarter and 20% in the second quarter as compared to last year during same time period.


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