UK’s Royal Mail has revealed its plans to cut 6,000 jobs by the next summer. Moreover, the Royal Mail claimed that the recent strikes by the postal workers in United Kingdom led to loss of revenue. Thus, they had to make thousands of job cuts to remain profitable. However, the unions did not take accept the blame and accused Royal Mail of bullying workers.

Royal Mail suffered heavy losses

Royal Mail announced the potential jobs cuts on Friday and blamed the striking workers. “We will be starting the process of consulting on rightsizing the business in response to the impact of industrial action, delays in delivering agreed productivity improvements and lower parcel volumes. Based on current estimates, c.5,000-6,000 redundancies may be required by end of August 2023.” Royal Mail’s parent group stated in a release. Moreover, the group reported a loss of £219 million for a half year period. Significantly, the group claimed that £70 million of the total loss occurred due to negative impact from three days of postal worker strikes. Moreover, Royal Mail is seeking a planned reduction of 10,000 workers. Royal Mail may face a £350m operating loss for the year ahead following industrial action.

Union’s stance

On the other hand, the union took the decision as hostile measure and accused Royal Mail of bullying the workers. Andy Furey from the Communication Workers Union warned of strikes in the run up to Christmas. Hence, the strikes may affect the festive postal delivery plans. “Clearly, this is a cynical, calculated and contrived position by Royal Mail. It’s designed to threaten our members, essentially it’s bullying. Our members are exceptionally angry about it and it hasn’t had the desired effect that Royal Mail was looking for. “I think they were looking to frighten our members not to take strike action again in the future. It’s actually incensed them and the feedback we’re getting is that it’s actually galvanized them to be more determined than ever before.”  Andy Furey, the union boss reacted to the Royal Mail’s plans of job cuts.

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