Deluxe Corp. has become the latest company in United States to lay-off its workers amid economic crunch and fear of recession. The company is closing one facility in Georgia and Florida in a bid to trim their costs. Moreover, the company is also laying-off total 145 employees both in Florida and Georgia.

Efforts to reduce costs

Deluxe Corp. is a Minneapolis based technology company which provides a wide array of business technology services. Furthermore, the company started as check-printing business and has evolved over the period of time. Previously, the company has moved its headquarter downtown Minneapolis back in 2020. However, the company is now going through stringent times and are seeking for ways to reduce their costs. Therefore, they have decided to trim their costs by laying-off workers in Florida and Georgia as they are closing their facilities in both the locations.

Both facilities will shut down next year

“Both of those locations are closing because of an overall consolidation of our real estate footprint. We have looked internally at ways to realize efficiencies and cost savings in our real estate portfolio, consolidating work in certain geographic areas.” A spokesman for Deluxe Cameron Potts said in a statement. Moreover, the company is cutting 87 positions in Atlanta area and another 58 positions in Orlando. Both these facilities are currently operating as remittance centers and will close in early next year. The Georgia location will close Jan. 31 and the Florida location will close Feb. 28.

“We gave notice now to give employees enough time to plan for their next steps Locally, a handful of management positions were eliminated in the normal course of evaluating our overall needs, unrelated to the closure of those two locations. No other larger reorganization [is] underway.” Potts added to his statement.

WARN Notice

Furthermore, the company has also routed the WARN letter to the state of Florida. The letter states that the decision as part of company’s effort to reduce structural costs and reduce its overall real estate footprint. The federal Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notice (WARN) Act requires companies to give at least a 60-day notice in the event of plant closings, mass layoffs or significant job cuts.

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