San Antonio has officially launched their new jobs training and placement program on Monday. The city has named the program as “Ready to Work”. The opening of enrollment will help thousands of attendants to develop lifelong career skills. Moreover, the program will also enable them to get good-paying jobs.

15,000 participants over five years

Ready to Work program is launched with an investment of $230 million and will last for 5 years. 1/8th of a cent sales tax initiative funded this program and it received and overwhelming response from the public. The program got approval by the voters some 18 months back and it ready to get its first application this week. The job training program is likely to place more than 15,000 people in jobs over the next five years. This program will only cater San Antonio’s residents. Moreover, about 800 applicants have already shown intent to register for the program.

Focus on high demand fields

“I have no doubt that Ready to Work will enhance San Antonio’s workforce, ecosystem, and foster transformation change for the years to come.  would consider it a success when a single family is able to change the cycle of poverty and give their children and grandchildren a chance.” San Antonio Mayor Ron Nirenberg expressed his views in a statement. The program will focus on imparting skills pertaining to high demand fields. “Manufacturing, information technology, healthcare and bio sciences, finance and accounting, those types of industries are what we’re focused on.” Mike Ramsey, executive director of the city’s Workforce Development Department said in his statement.

Bachelor’s or associates’ degree programs

Initially, Nirenberg and other city leaders expected that they could train up to 40,000 people for the jobs, However, this number has dropped in recent weeks. Currently, approximately 28,000 people are likely to enroll for a degree certificate or other completion milestone. Out of these up to 15,000 will end up in jobs. Ready to work will roughly spend $8,600 per student in training. Students may earn bachelor’s or associates’ degree through this program. However, an applicant must have at least 60 hours of college credit to apply for bachelor’s degree.

Applicants may sign up online by calling 311 or visiting either Project Quest, the Alamo Colleges District, Workforce Solutions Alamo or Restore Education.

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