The Newcastle Hospitals Trust have 250 job positions which they are looking to fill. These roles range from consultant surgeons, nurses and hospital staff. They need these resources for their £20m new day-surgery center at the Freeman.

New day-surgery center

The new surgery center is all set for completion in August 2020 and will become operational within the next few weeks after completion. The facility’s expansion will add four new theaters and will expand the hospital trust’s surgery capacity. Moreover, the facility will also assist in clearing the huge backlog treatments. As of February 2022, more than 100,000 patients are waiting for NHS treatment at the hospital’s trust.

Employment opportunities

Deputy chief operating officer Margaret Gray talked about the jobs openings which the trust is looking to fill. They include traditional clinical roles including for senior surgeons and nurses. In addition, the trust also wants to add more occupational therapists, physios and dieticians to its ranks. “In terms of the 250 jobs, they are split up into clinical and non-clinical roles including support staff. What we are aiming to do is have a proper state of the art day-case center – something the trust has never had all in one place before. We are trying to work with our Newcastle Improvement team to really bring in some transformative ways of doing day-case work. What this will also do is free up hospital capacity for those patients who might still need to stay in overnight.” Margaret Gray added to her statement.

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    Initial recruitment plans

    Initially, they are looking to specialties including urology, general surgery, musculoskeletal services and cardiology at the facility. Moreover, the development will offer some many exciting job opportunities and will help in delivering outstanding services at the facility. “We’re recruiting to a number of new posts, including nurses, consultants, lab staff, admin roles and porters, and are keen to hear from anyone who has a passion for providing innovative day case treatment. We are recruiting surgeons across those four specialties, though obviously that’s a big piece of work.”. As per Ms. Grey, the recruitment has already begun. Hence, they have already appointed a matron to lead nursing staff at the new facility. In addition, employees are set to begin work even before the day-case center’s opening in late summer.

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