Zoho Corporation has announced that they are opening a new office in the city of McAllen, Texas. Moreover, the customer service relations software company has plans of adding 25 new jobs over the next year.

Employment opportunities

Zoho is a leading global technology company. Currently, they are employing 25 employees which were recently hired by Zoho. However, with the expansion and setting up of a new office they intend to double their headcount by next year. The McAllen office will continue to support the local community and economy by providing new employment paths and business opportunities in the tech sector. Currently, the tech company already have two offices in Texas with their first office located in Rio Grande Valley. McAllen office is their third office location in Texas. Moreover, establishment of office in McAllen is a depiction of company’s commitment to bringing value and service to markets and residents of the area.

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    “We see people move from smaller cities and towns for opportunities, which often forces them to leave their hometowns, their families and community, and where they put down roots, because the ‘best’ jobs are typically located in large, expensive cities. It’s an incredibly difficult decision to make for most people. That’s why at Zoho, opening offices like in McAllen is important to us. It brings opportunity to people, not the other way around. This gives individuals the power to maintain, support and giveback to the community and lifestyle they most cherish, all the while having access to a great job that can support both.” Raju Vegesna, Chief Evangelist at Zoho came up with a statement.

    Why McAllen?

    Multiple factors including quality of life for employees, safety, healthcare, cost of living, strength of the local education system were under consideration while selecting McAllen for new office. McAllen turned out to be an ideal location as it possesses high availability of talent, multiple colleges and growth potential. Moreover, it also has a distinct cultural identity which aligns with the Zoho’s culture. The global technology firm has partnered with city leaders to grow its presence and impact on the surrounding community. Currently, Zoho is actively hiring in two of their Texas offices in McAllen and New Braunfels.

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