Up to 40,000 language jobs are at risk as foreign students have shunned United Kingdom post Brexit. The combination of COVID-19 pandemic along with post-Brexit red tape have plummeted bookings from foreign pupils.

Increased visa fee and passport requirement

The UK government has ended the COVID-19 restrictions measures. However, the ministers had imposed unnecessary restrictions on children from France, Germany and other EU nations. The Tourism Alliance has recently reported this as a challenge in attracting foreign students. Since UK has left the EU, every child entering the country must have a passport and have a £95 visa. Previously, children had the option to travel using identity cards under the List of Travelers scheme. This has led to reduction of revenue by an estimated 80%. Hence, thousands affiliated with language schools of jobs are at risk within United Kingdom

Language schools are closing down

The policy changes have prompted a decline in school bookings which is threatening around 40,000 jobs across the country. “The collapse in the school group market is unnecessary as schoolchildren present no security risk, will not disappear into the black economy and start driving minicabs, and parents who let their children go on school trips are generally quite keen for their teachers to bring them back home. This is an obvious situation where the government needs to set aside its dogma on passports and work with the industry to find a practical solution.” Kurt Janson, the director of the Tourism Alliance told The Guardian.

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    More than 1.5 million children were coming to UK each year to study English till 2021. These visits accounted for 11% of the total annual tourism revenue which is a huge contribution. However, the post-Brexit scenario and policy changes have significantly affected the number of children opting for UK. Therefore, the scenario is posing a threat for the affiliated jobs of language schools.

    22% jobs are related to tourism in Hastings

    Many language schools are concentrated in seaside towns on the south coast of England. In Hastings, the council says only seven of its 20 language schools have confirmed to continue. According to Hastings borough council, tourism supports 7,030 jobs which constitutes of 22% jobs in the town. Huan Japes, membership director of English UK, the trade body for language schools said  that 15% of members had closed permanently.

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