The UK government is looking to revitalize their world-renowned shipbuilding industry. The have come up with a new and robust National Shipbuilding Strategy. The government will invest over £4 billion to support shipyards. Moreover, they will also put in place new measures to drive UK’s shipbuilding future.

New strategy, new ambitions

National Shipbuilding Strategy was first published in 2017 and it covers ambitions to transform naval procurement securing export and design contracts for British naval ships. Building on those foundations, the government have now come up with a more robust and rigorous strategy. They are now planning to reinvigorate the whole British shipbuilding industry with an ambition to enhance productivity, pay, jobs and living standards.

£4 billion investment

Boris Johnson plans to inject 4 billion pounds into shipbuilding to help secure the industry’s future in the U.K. Moreover, the plan is to deliver more than 150 naval and civil vessels over the next 30 years. “Shipbuilding has been in our blood for centuries and I want to ensure it remains at the heart of British industry of generations to come,” Borris Johnson said in a statement Thursday, ahead of a visit to a dockyard in Merseyside, northern England. In addition, the government will invest £206 million to fund research and development into zero emissions vessels.

Prospects for new jobs opportunities

Currently, the shipbuilding industry is sourcing more than 42,600 jobs across the UK. Moreover, the industry contributed £2.8 billion to the economy in 2020. The new investment and development prospects will bring more job opportunities in the shipbuilding industry. The refreshed strategy sets out a clear vision for the prosperous future of the UK’s shipbuilding industry. Moreover, it will  help in ‘Build Back Better’ and support the government’s drive to level up all parts of the UK.

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    Seeking to deliver a globally successful, innovative and sustainable shipbuilding industry, the refreshed National Shipbuilding Strategy follows publication of the Levelling Up White Paper. Moreover, The strategy will ensure that the government will curb the challenges and deliver for the people of the UK.

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