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Schools in US are struggling to retain and hire teachers. So much so that a school in California was forced to send flyers home in students’ lunch boxes. The purpose was to tell parents that school is hiring teachers. There are schools where principles are acting as crossing guards. Schools are offering signing bonuses. In some districts schools are returning back to online learning due to shortage of faculty.

Teachers are Over-Burdened

It appears that teachers are not willing to work due to unsafe Covid protocols, lower wages and overwork. Teachers around US are either quitting or opting for early retirement. Scarcity of school teachers was an area of concern even prior to Covid. However, the situation has become graver during pandemic. Some schools are closing while others are facing severe shortage of teachers. Most of the teachers are over-burdened and are getting burnt out.

States Affected by Teacher Scarcity

Public schools are witnessing the issue of teacher’s shortage in fields of math, science, language and special education. Overwork and stress in Covid 19 era caused an increase in retirements and resignations. Teacher shortages and difficulties in hiring teachers are reported in New Jersey, South Dakota and Tennessee. All these districts have started the school year with hundreds of unfilled teaching vacancies. The skewed seasonal adjustment also played a role in decline of jobs. Other states are also facing similar crisis of unfilled faculty positions in schools.

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    Initiatives by Biden’s Administration

    In June 2021, Biden’s government announced a $9 billion American Families Plan to address teacher’s shortage. The purpose of this package is to train, equip and diversify the teachers. These funds will be utilized to increase the number of people studying education and who want to get into education sector. The other purpose is to retain the existing teaching workforce and encourage people from other sectors to join education sector. Nearly one third of this $9 billion fund will go towards “Grow your Own” programs. These programs aim to recruit, retain and develop teachers.

    Pandemic has seriously affected the teaching sector and US is facing the issue of teachers shortage. Some districts are affected more than others. Although the government is working for resolving this crisis. However, it looks like that the issue will persist in times to come.

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