Virongy Biosciences Inc. is planning to invest around half a million dollars to expand in Prince William County. Moreover, the expansion will lead to creation of 70 new jobs at the new Northern Virginia Bioscience Center in Manassas.

Company’s expansion plan

The bioscience company Virongy has enjoyed multiple successes in recent times. In addition, the company has managed to add jobs during times when other biotech firms are going through layoffs. Virongy creates cutting-edge technologies in virology, viral vector-based gene therapy, virus-host cell biology and viral immunology. Earlier this year, they relocated to a 2,0000 square foot space at the Northern Virginia Bioscience Center in Innovation Park. Currently, the company has decided to expand again. Therefore, they have committed to invest $471,000 in partnership with Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin’s office and the state-funded Virginia Jobs Investment Program.

“Prince William County has emerged as a hub for the life sciences industry, offering the infrastructure, R&D assets, and talent to attract and retain innovative biotech firms like Virongy. We applaud the company for its groundbreaking developments that will have a positive and far-reaching impact on bioscience advancements and disease prevention and treatment.” Gov. Glenn Youngkin said in a news release announcing the deal.

Virginia Jobs Investment Program

The expansion project is likely to bring multiple job opportunities in Prince William County. However, the company has not disclosed any details regarding the nature of the jobs. Although, the company has announced that this expansion project will create 70 new jobs. The Virginia Economic Development Partnership worked with Prince William County to secure the project. Moreover, the partnership will support Virongy’s job creation through the state-funded Virginia Jobs Investment Program. VJIP provides consultative services and funding to companies creating new jobs. In turn, this supports employee recruitment and training activities.

“I toured the Virongy Biosciences lab at the Northern Virginia Bioscience Center’s grand opening in March, and I was impressed not only by the important discoveries from the Virongy team, but moreover the business’ dedication to hiring from and growing the local talent pool of life sciences employees.” Ann B. Wheeler, chair-at-large of the Prince William County Board of Supervisors said in a statement.

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