Apple is increasing benefits for U.S. retail workers. The purpose of this move is to attract and retain hourly workers for its retail stores in a tight labor market.

Challenges for employers

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, U.S. is going through the era called “Great Resignation”. There is a nationwide talent shortage and employers are doing whatever it take to attract and retain workers. Apple is nor different and plans to increase its benefits package for retail store workers in the United States. The new package is applicable from April 4 this year.

New benefits

The enhanced benefits will double the paid sick days for both full-time and part-time workers. Now full-time employees will have 12 paid sick days. Employees can avail sick leaves for mental health reasons and even taking family members to the doctor. Moreover, the workers will receive more annual vacation days. Part-time employees in particular will receive a nice boost. For the first time, part-timers will get as many as six paid vacation days. In addition, they can avail paid parental leaves which will cover up to six weeks. It also include the ability to gradually ramp up work time for the first four weeks back. Part-time workers will also have access to discounted emergency backup care for children or elderly family members. There were strong reservations from the employees related to potential loss out on pay because of policies stemming from the pandemic. The increase is sick days will also address this complain.

Labor scarcity crisis

It’s currently a job-seeker’s market in the United States, especially for hourly or retail jobs. The Labor Department said there were more than 4.6 million job openings than unemployed workers in December. Workers are increasingly hopping from job to job to gain more pay or better working conditions. Economists expect workers to continue quitting and joining new companies at elevated rates through this year.

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    Companies in nearly every industry are reassessing their benefits packages to remain competitive in this tight labor market. They’re offering higher compensation levels, flexible work schedules, increased 401(k) matches and perks of all kinds.

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